Comhairle na nóg

Four of our student council members attended the Comhairle na nóg AGM on Thursday 17th October in Hotel Kilkenny.

Comhairle na nóg are local “youth councils” designed to give children and young people the “right to have his or her voice heard” by being involved in the development of local services and policies. Comhairle na nóg provides a forum for young people aged 12-18 to identify and work on issues of importance to them before working with key local decision-makers in a bid to achieve their desired outcome, impact or change. The AGM held in Kilkenny was the first step in this process to prioritise these topics of importance. This years topics are Background and Understanding of Comhairle no nóg structure, Mental Health, Cyber bullying. These topics were discussed in a series of workshops which gave information and also provided students with an opportunity to put forward their recommendations and discuss a plan of action to achieve results.

Well done to Hannah O’Conner, Nicole Sutton Duggan, Stacey Phelan, and Beatrice Blascu who represented Scoil Aireagail at the event, and a big thank you to Ms. Mills the student council co-ordinator.