First Years Display of Work 2019

On Thursday 2nd May Scoil Aireagail hosted its annual ‘1st Year Display of Work’ afternoon. This is where our 1st Year students get to showcase some of the work they completed during their first year in secondary school. Students were busy leading up to the event, preparing and setting up displays in each of their subject areas. Parents and family members got to see the impressive assignments/projects/models/posters/art work etc. Congratulations to 1st Year students for all the effort they put in over the past few days, in preparation for this occasion. More importantly, well done to students for their excellent work throughout the school year, in what has been a successful and progressive beginning to post-primary school. Thanks to the many parents for making the time to call in to see the displays. Thanks also to teachers for their help in preparing and guiding students for this event.           


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