School Reopening 2020 Update

I would like to update all parents and students of measures which the school has undertaken in preparation for the school’s reopening and also of day to day arrangements for students and parents when you return.

Modification of School Building

A lot of work has been taking place during the summer months to enhance the school environment for the students;

1. The partition in R.1 R.1A has been taken down to considerably increase the size of the room.

2. Partitions in R.3 (DCG room) have also been removed, making the room considerably larger.

3. PCs have been removed from R.4 and the room has been converted into a learning support and general classroom.

4. The kitchen in the canteen has been extended and sound proofed enabling the seating area to be used as a classroom if necessary.

5. Fold-away furniture is being acquired that can be used in the gymnasium. This will allow for a small number of classes to take place in the gym.

6. Sanitisers have been installed outside all classrooms and toilets.

7. Perspex screens will be installed at teachers’ desks and other appropriate locations.

These measures will ensure that 1 metre physical distancing will be maintained in all classrooms. Base classes at junior cycle have been split resulting in classes of fifteen students for core subjects in almost all cases.

The following measures will also be implemented to protect the school community.


· Most student lockers have been removed from corridors to provide more space for social distancing, with the exception of 1st Year lockers. These have remained in position to help our 1st Year students in their new school. 1st Years are assigned lockers which are an appropriate distance apart.

· Floor markings will help students keep appropriate distance apart if waiting to get to locker.


· Teachers may adjust classroom practice to allow students leave some books at home for study/homework. Some sets of books may remain in the classroom.

· The continued use of Microsoft Teams will also be a feature of teaching and learning. These measures will help avoid very heavy school bags.


· Corridors now have a one-way system with single entry point and use of a number of exit points.

· Some sections of corridors will necessitate two-way foot traffic, where a ‘walk-on-right’ rule will apply. Floor markings and wall signage will help here.

Changing Rooms:

· Our Physical Education changing rooms are now closed, as per health guidelines. Students can come to school in their P.E. gear on the days that PE is timetabled.

Hand Sanitising:

· Hand sanitisers have been installed outside every classroom and toilet, and at entry points. Students and staff will be encouraged to sanitise hands entering and leaving each classroom. Visitors will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entry.


· Limited entry to toilets at any one time, as per health guidelines. No groups gatherings in toilets.

Cleaning of Classrooms:

· A strict cleaning process of surfaces (table tops & seats) will take place towards end of each lesson.

· Teacher will spray surface and student will wipe with tissue, which will be disposed of using pedal bin on leaving class. The cleaning spray and tissue are supplied by the school.

· This process is now part of our Code of Behaviour.

School Visitors:

· Visits to our school will be limited and only when completely necessary.

· All visits must be by appointment only, so as to ensure adherence to health guidelines. Communication via telephone and email will remain.

Sharing of Personal Items:

· There must be no sharing of personal items of any kind. These include typical pencil-case items, calculators, rulers, hair brushes, hats, food, drink, bottles etc. Water bottles can be refilled during break times.

Suspected Symptoms of COVID-19:

Any student who has any symptom of COVID-19 should NOT come to school. Parent/Guardian are requested to inform the school immediately on 056 7768632 or Known symptoms include cough, fever, high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness or flu-like symptoms. The advice is to contact your G.P. immediately.

If a student presents as a suspected COVID-19 case during the school day he/she must be brought home immediately. Please ensure arrangements are in place to facilitate this at short notice, should the situation arise. Students in this instance will be escorted to our designated isolation room, as per health guidelines, until he/she is brought home.

Contact Information:

Please ensure the contact details (mobile phone number and work contact number) you have provided to Scoil Aireagail is up to date. Parents/Guardians must remain contactable throughout the school day

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