Scoil Aireagail plans to climb Everest

Mr. Mackey has challenged our school community to climb Mt. Everest! The initiative aims to keep the whole school active during lock down. Together as a school we are going to compete against one another to virtually climb Mt. Everest!!! The challenge will begin next Monday 9th of November.

The Plan:

  • Each year group takes part. (Teachers also)
  • Aim: as a group reach the summit of mount Everest (8,848km) within 6 weeks.
  • Each year competes against each other to reach the summit first.
  • Track daily steps using ‘Pacer’ App. 10,000 daily recommendation.
  • Initiative encourages staff and students to remain active during lock down.
  • Goal to work towards – Healthy competition – caters for wellbeing

How it will work:

  • Download ‘Pacer’ app for free.
  • Once account set up the app will do the rest. As long as phone on your body it will automatically track your steps.
  • App allows you to keep track of your steps daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Students will upload screenshot of weekly step total at end of each week to an assignments tab in their PE Team.
  • Use ‘step to Km converter’ to keep track of each groups progress in the race to the summit.
  • Updated Everest chart will be made available each week so students can see groups progress compared to other years. Race to the summit.
  • Reward vouchers
  • Best stepper in each year. (Motivation).

Please click on the link below  to download the ‘Pacer’ app which we will use to track our steps. Please download and set up your account. It only takes 2 minutes and its free.


  • Whole School Active
  • Positive goal to work towards
  • Healthy Competition 
  • Connects the entire school community

Well done to Mr. Mackey for organising this initiative which is sure to get our school community out and active.