Scoil Aireagail introduces new and innovative ways of academic tracking

As part of our School Improvement Plan (SIP) in 2020 we have been working at improving our use of our interactive platform called VS Ware. This online platform allows the teachers to save and share information in a safe and secure way. Student information on results and progress along with important documents are saved on this platform, so all the teachers can have access to information, relevant to help and support the teaching and learning of our students. Our Mission Statement states ‘Scoil Aireagail is committed to the educational welfare of its entire community’ where we aim to ‘provide a structured, caring environment enabling each student to reach their full potential’. With this in mind we have developed an Academic Tracking System, so that subject teachers and Year Heads can monitor the progress of students in all subject areas and if they are not succeeding as expected can then intervene to help the student meet their academic potential. In addition, due to COVID restrictions on Parent Teacher meetings, Mr Fallon has been sending out access codes to parents so they can access the detailed reports in an online format, so as to keep up with the progress of the students. Thanks to Mr. Murphy for all his work with his role as SIP coordinator.

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