Donations wanted for Ukraine War Refugees

Ms. Dalton and a group of our third year students are organising a collection of essentials for Ukraine war refugees here in the school which  will be taken to a collection point in Kilkenny. Your support would be gratefully appreciated.

Suggestions for collection

  • Food stuffs- canned foods and dried foodseg. Pasta, noodles, packet soups etc.
  • First aid– bandages, plasters ,Savlon cream etc
  • Toiletries– tooth brush and paste, soap, small hand towels, mouthwash, tampons, Sanitary pads, wipes
  • Baby essentials-Nappies , wipes, cotton wool, baby formula etc.
  • Food service-Kitchen towels, paper plates and cups
  • Sleep-Sleeping bags, thermal blankets, towels, sleeping mattresses/ blow up beds
  • Clothing- Basic clothes for adults and children- socks , underwear, tracksuits t-shirts, rain coats, shoes and runners- all sizes
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