2nd Year CSPE class run a mock election and experience democracy in action

On Thursday 5th May 2Gold and 2Silver held a mock election. This is Democracy at work. 5 candidates ran in the election; Ella, Mathew, Logan, Philip and Holly. The students made out ballot papers, polling cards, a ballot box, a polling station and a register of electors. Posters and badges were in abundance as campaign managers tried to get their candidate elected. On the day the press were in attendance taking photos and recording events. All 5 candidates highlighted areas they want to see improved in our school such as the need for new equipment, more PE classes, access to pitch or library at breaktime and input into PE uniform. After an impressive speech from all 5 candidates, the votes were counted. Big congratulations to Holly Long who was elected 2nd Year Class Representative. This was a great opportunity for students to understand the election system in Ireland and the importance of voting.