Student Supports

Pastoral care is integral to the school’s mission statement. Scoil Aireagail offers the following supports to ensure that student welfare is catered for, enabling them to reach their potential.

Class Tutor and Year Head

Each student is assigned a class tutor whose role is to act as a mentor for each student in his or her class. If a student has difficulties the class tutor will be the first person to deal with that difficulty. The class tutor will also encourage positive behaviour from students, and will sign the students’ homework diary each week. The matters dealt with by the class tutor will mainly be homework, uniform and behaviour. The respective Year Heads also play a vital role in catering for the pastoral, educational and other needs of the students and the school.

Career Guidance

The guidance and counselling service is well established in Scoil Aireagail. This service refers to a range of learning experiences designed to assist students to make appropriate and informed choices about their lives. The service provides for the personal and social, educational and vocational development of its students. The guidance and counselling process endeavours to help students to grow in self-knowledge and self-esteem by assisting them:

  • to understand their emotions, abilities, interests and special aptitudes
  • to acquire information about educational and career opportunities within a changing society
  • to make and carry out appropriate life choices and plans and to achieve satisfactoryadjustments in life

Students can avail of this service by making appointments. Referrals to outside agencies are made through the Principal with parental consent.

Supporting Students with Additional Educational Needs

At Scoil Aireagail we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of Special Education Teachers including two co-ordinators.  Our aim is to support students identified with additional learning needs in our classrooms and their teachers.

To this end, the school is engaged in the Continuum of Support Model.
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Autism Support Class 

Scoil Aireagail provides a specialist learning resource and facility for students who are within the autistic spectrum. Specially trained staff put together a learning programme specific to the needs of each individual child, with clearly identified learning objectives. These programmes are largely based on reports from primary school where the child previously attended. Input from parents is also very important here. Regular contact with parents is maintained throughout, where feedback and progress reports are provided to parents. In as far as possible, depending on each student’s individual needs, integration into mainstream classes remains the objective.

Study Skills Seminars

The promotion of academic achievement lies at the core of teaching and learning practices at Scoil Aireagail. Study skills seminars are provided annually to students to inform students of best practice in relation to examination preparation.

6th Year Mentoring Programme

Every year our teachers volunteer to act as a mentor to one of our senior students. The purpose of this is to maintain good working relationships between students and staff, provide students with guidance and reassurance, help maintain focus and avoid students becoming overwhelmed or over-stressed in their final year.Wellbeing Team

A group of teachers volunteer each year to form a Wellbeing Team. This group oversees
Wellbeing overall – for students and staff – and helps ensure a culture remains of inclusion
for all, where activities and events are ongoing throughout the year to retain a strong
wellbeing ethos. It is accepted that all staff members contribute to this culture of student
wellbeing. Similarly, our Wellbeing Team organise events for staff to enjoy – to retain a
strong sense of collegiality throughout our school. 

Excellence, Care, Equality, Community, Respect.