Scoil Aireagail TY Art students Amber’s One Million Stars Ireland project

Amber’s One Million Stars Ireland project is an inclusive community arts project connecting communities across Ireland in solidarity against domestic abuse and all forms of violence. Scoil Aireagail TY Art students began our project back in November when they learned how to weave the eight pointed star. Each eight-point star woven represents light, hope and solidarity against domestic, sexual and gender-based violence, promoting our project’s eight points of healthy love within relationships. Stars were then curated into our ’Love-heart’ installation, which was today hung at the entrance to our school. The idea is to educate this generation to recognise healthly relationships and to spread love and hope for a future free from violence and abuse for all in our community.

Similar projects can be seen in Market Cross Kilkenny, the aim is to weave one million stars, Scoil Aireagail students created their art installation with over 300 stars. In addition, guest speakers from Amber House Women’s refuge came into the school today and did a workshop with TY students. They spoke about healthy relationships v’s abusive and controlling ones, how to recognise the red flags, and where to go for help. A special thanks to Amber House it was informative and educational. In return TY students organised a non-uniform day, all students wore red or pink to school today to celebrate Love and hope for Valentines. All monies raised from our non-uniform day will be donated to Amber House Women’s refuge.