Student Council

At Scoil Aireagail we encourage students to take part in the development of school policies and procedures. Each year, two representatives are elected from each class to form a Student Council. Anyone can put themselves forward to be elected. Once elected the council nominates a year group representative, a secretary and a chairperson. Scoil Aireagail strongly encourages every pupil to participate in the Council and to make every voice heard. It is an excellent means of promoting the democratic process and exercising student leadership.

To read more about the work of Scoil Aireagail’s Student Council please click Student Council Work 2022 2023 

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Student Council Reflections 2022 2023

I enjoyed being a member of the student council this year. I learned a lot about student voice spending time recognising and solving problems in my school and local area. I visited the Office of The Ombudsman for Children and attended Comhairle na nÓg where we were encouraged to speak up and use our voices. As a result, this enhanced my communication skills which will benefit me in my future careers. -Shauna Sutton PRO

I gained a valuable insight into what it’s really like to organize a whole school event. I learned how to properly budget for these events like the breakfast morning where we had a combination of paid sponsorship and overheads. I developed my interpersonal skills. -Andrew Fitzpatrick, Treasurer

I really enjoyed being on the student council this year. It was a great way to get to know other students in different years. Freya Reid-1st year

It has been a pleasure to have been secretary of the student council this year. I have learned many valuable life skills such as the importance of communication, teamwork and leadership. I have gotten to work with other students organising and running events while also getting the chance to visit the Office of the Ombudsman for children which was really interesting. -Katie Fitzpatrick

I got to develop my leadership skills this year especially when going on trips as all Junior members of the student council only attended the Comhairle Na Nóg event in Langton’s Hotel in Kilkenny. It was really cool to meet up with my friends from other schools in Kilkenny and work together. -Mark Power TY

 It has been a pleasure to be the chairperson of the student council 2022-2023. Throughout the year, I have learned the importance of communication, how to arrange and structure a meeting. These are all important skills to have for the future no matter what career path I decide to explore. I got the opportunity to attend a debate workshop where I learned how to rebuttal an argument.-Amy Prendergast

It has been a pleasure to be a member of the student Council for 2022-2023. During my time on the student council, I was able to develop my skills further, such as public speaking and presentations. A s well as that, student council has taught me skills that I will use in future careers. By being a member I have received many opportunity’s to attend many workshops such as “Comhairle Na Nóg”  and “the Office of the Ombudsman for Children”.-Holly Long 3rd year

The student council has push me outside my comfort zone to do things I never would have taught were possible. I have grown in confidence so much over the year from presenting to the BOM, Parents Council and most recently to be actually able to present to the whole school. -Michael O Shea Vice Chair