Student Prefects

Student Prefects are selected in fifth and sixth year. They represent their class group and school at school events. They are selected by an interview process and seek to represent the school ethos.

Three key roles:
1. Prefect as a student leader and mentor
2. Prefect as an example to other students
3. Prefect as an ambassador for the school

1. Prefect as a student leader

Prefects are expected to become involved in some extra-curricular activities. Prefects are expected to assist members of staff in the organisation of student activities. Prefects take a particular role in leading the induction of first year students. They may be asked to represent students in highlighting to school management any issues that students feel are important.

2. Prefect as an example to other students

Prefects will demonstrate high standards in areas such as general behaviour and respect, academic focus, work ethic, positive attitude, endeavour to reach one’s potential, classwork, homework, uniform compliance, service to the school and extra-curricular involvement. They are required to set a positive example to other students. They are also expected to make every effort to see that other students maintain the school’s good name. Prefects will help promote a positive and safe school environment.

3. Prefect as an ambassador for the school

Prefects may be asked to represent the student body at formal school occasions. They may
be asked to introduce guests to our school and thank them for their contribution.

Specific Duties

1. Managing the mentoring of 1st Year students
• Assist leading teacher in preparation and execution of 1st Year mentoring session
2. Setting standards
• Ensuring their full school uniform is worn at all times
• Ensuring they respect school rules/code of behaviour
• Consistently striving to reach his/her potential by engaging in learning and extracurricular
3. Attendance at School events
• Contributing to Start-of-Year ceremony
• Addressing school community in events such as 6th Year Graduation
• Welcoming school visitors etc.
4. Representing Students
• Prefects may bring to the attention of school management any issue which they feel
is important to students
• Prefects should liaise with members of the Student Council, to identify and agree on
any issue which is felt is important to students, and communicate same to school

Selection of Prefects
1. Four students in total will act as prefects; two from 5th Year (boy & girl) and
two from 6th Year (boy & girl)
2. The positions will last for one school year
3. At the beginning of the school year the Prefect system will be explained to all 5th and 6th Years
4. Those interested will complete an application form
5. Candidates will attend a short interview
6. Prefects will receive training on the role of prefect, and leadership generally
7. Prefects will be asked to wear the Scoil Aireagail Prefect Badge at all times, attached to their school uniform jumper
8. All students will be briefed on the roles of Prefects

2023 2024 6th Year Prefects: