Why choose Scoil Aireagail

Why choose Scoil Aireagail for your child?  

Deborah Walshe Byrne, Current Parent and Past Pupil, Scoil Aireagail :

  1. Individuality is celebrated in the school; your child does not have to play a particular sport to fit in. There is a place for every child here, be it for the child that wishes to excel academically, likes music, likes sport etc
  2. Smaller class sizes means more time spent on 1:1 teacher student time helps build good relationships and therefore improve grades or identify issues early on. 
  3. The school is a community, and everyone knows everyone again helps promote a positive environment.
  4. Teachers treat students with respect
  5. Student welfare is the number 1 priority of all in the school. 
  6. Open door policy, you are welcome to visit the school at any time and I have always felt heard when I have visited. 
  7. Fantastic transition year programme covers a wide range of extra activities and topics that are vital to the age group. 
  8. Big focus on mental health awareness
  9. Wide range of subjects to choose from and the LCVP programme is a wonderful programme. 
  10. Physical activity is a big part of the school and encouraged to help promote overall health and wellness. 
  11. Mixed school leads to both boys and girls developing healthy relationships with one another where they respect each other and view one another as equals. 
  12. Lastly as a past student, I loved my time at Scoil Aireagail. It honours many of my values that I want my children to have honesty, work ethic, integrity, enthusiasm and leadership. Our children start secondary school as teenagers and leave as adults, this is where they learn to grow up and Scoil Aireagail has a positive environment which can help make this time enjoyable.