Scoil Aireagail held its annual awards ceremony this week to celebrate students who have made a positive contribution to the school throughout the year.

The following students achieved success at the awards:

Junior Student of the Year: Emma O’ Keeffe

Senior Student of the Year: Jamie Barron


PE Awards

1 Blue: Hannah Persse

1 Yellow: Laura Irish

2 Gold: Darragh Kelly

2 Silver: James O’ Keeffe

3rd Year: Sadie Morrissey & Emma O’ Keeffe


Camogie Awards

Junior Camogie Player of the Year:

Aoife Fitzpatrick.


Senior Camogie player of the Year:

Sinead Fitzpatrick.


Soccer Awards

Junior Soccer Player of the Year – Boy:

Joshua Burke.

Junior Soccer Player of the Year – Girl:

Hannah Persse.


Hurling Awards

Juvenile Hurler of the Year:  

Shane Aylward.

Junior Hurler of the Year:

Cian Cullen.

Senior Hurler of the Year:

Patrick Hearne.  

Football Awards:

Jack Walsh.   


Badminton Awards

Under 16 Player of the year:

James O’ Keeffe

Under 19 Player of the Year:

Luke Ward.


Handball Awards

Harry Morant.  


Sports Person of the Year Award

Junior Sports Person of the Year

Conor Walsh.

Senior Sports Person of the Year

Luke Ward.


Music Awards

Junior Music Award:

Emma O’ Keeffe.

Senior Music Award:

Grace Kent.


Attendance Awards:

  1. Aoibhinn Butler
  2. Katie Fitzpatrick
  3. Jake Power
  4. Steven Sheil
  5. Charlotte Davis
  6. Nadeen Drennan
  7. Therese O’ Connor
  8. Sophie Byrne
  9. Ben O’ Keeffe
  10. Sinead Fitzpatrick
  11. Jamie Barron
  12. John Phelan

Certificate of Merit Awards:

1 Yellow:

  1. Toni O’ Shea
  2. Chloe Harte
  3. Aoibheann Butler
  4. Jessica Roche Fortune
  5. Katie Fitzpatrick
  6. Laura Irish
  7. Elizabeth Duffy
  8. Maria Duffy


1 Blue:

  1. Brandon Breen
  2. Giselinda Grcevic
  3. Hannah Persse
  4. Jake Power
  5. Conor Aylward
  6. Ciara Walsh
  7. Toni Dunne
  8. Chantelle Somers
  9. Holly O’ Brien

2 Gold:

  1. Darragh Kelly
  2. Amy Monahan
  3. Stephen Sheil
  4. Nicole O’ Leary
  5. Erin Slattery
  6. Charles Briscoe
  7. Eoin Butler
  8. Nicko Stanley
  9. Chloe Waters

2 Silver:

  1. Shane Aylward
  2. Margaret Mary Murphy
  3. Nadeen Drennan
  4. Michael Delahunty
  5. Stephen Neville
  6. Charlotte Davis
  7. David Somers
  8. Grainne Barron


School Prefects:

Sean Mc Auliffe

Caitlin Phelan

Sean O’ Mahony

Grace Kent


Irish Junior Maths Competition 2018:

Arthur Long



Junior Art Student of the Year:

Leona Drennan.

Senior Art Student of the Year:

Eugene Somers



Endeavour Awards

1 Blue: Toni Dunne

1 Yellow: Laura Irish

2 Gold: Chloe Waters

2 Silver: Margaret Mary Murphy

3 Green: Dawid Muszynski

3 Red: Leah Mc Namara

5th Year: Paul Hennessy

6th Year: Michael Murphy


Academic Student of the Year Awards

1 Blue: Giselinda Grcevic

1 Yellow: Aoibhinn Butler

2 Gold: Nicole O’ Leary  

2 Silver: Michael Delahunty

3 Green: Sarah Aylward

3 Red: Cillian Mc Evoy

5th Year: Amy Aylward